Mauri Angelo Srl began producing cluny laces in far-off 1924 and remains the longest-operating Italian company in this sector.At the beginning, in the inter-war years, production remained limited to the supply of laces to the haberdashery industry; the first machinery being produced at that time was directly imported, indicating Angelo Mauri’s intentions to create a business which would prove long-lasting. During the war the business was suspended as a result of the impossibility of finding the necessary raw materials, which at that time meant primarily cotton.
Subsequently, there began a period of large-scale investment with the building of new factory plant to give the business a greater capacity even though production remained directed exclusively to the sale to the wholesale/haberdashery markets.
In the early 1970s a new generation of managers, working in the context of the development of the clothing industry in Italy, began to diversify the business’s activities by using its technological and creative know-how which it had accumulated in over 50 years of operations, in order to produce rigid and elasticised laces for the underwear, clothing and children’s sectors.
The third generation of the family came into management in the early 1990s.
The company’s international profile was heightened by its presence at international trade fairs, initially Moda In (from 1985 onwards) nowadays Milano Unica, and subsequently Premiere Vision and Interfiliere Lyon.
Maintenance of quality – something which our products have always enjoyed – together with customer-oriented products for the clothing markets, pret-a-porter and above all underwear, corsetry and lingerie markets, has assured us a high-profile position in Europe which has been underlined by the trust placed in us by clients of the highest importance.
Our collections of stiff and stretch cluny laces are well-known for their creativity and the care given to their presentation, as well as the careful development of fashion trends.
Every season a new collection offers some fifty or so new models which have been developed with a full range of colours resulting from the input given by our style office.Finally, cooperation with creative fashion designers enables us to create perfectly tailored projects which retain those unique characteristics so appreciated by the majority of our clients who are seeking to diversify their products in an ever-more globalised context.